We almost always have a breeze in ND, and it is not too uncommon for us to have days like today.  Today at recess, I stood on the playground and was sandblasted.  Think of it as exfoliation at its best.  It is painful to stand downwind of incoming flying objects, even if the objects are the size of a grain of rice.  OUCHIE, workman’s comp, here I come.  I probably will develop a rash now.  Fun things to do in the wind: lean back and see if you tip over, spread the sleeves of your jacket and fly, actually throw things in the air and see which state they land in, open your eyes and see how much sand sticks to them, or just find something to block the wind, in my case, pile up a bunch of kids and make them into my shelter.  It is a dangerous job I have.  The worst of recess is yet to come.

Today’s quote came in the form of the best spelling error in the history of the world.  Multiple one cent coins:  penis’s  (pennies.)  Highlight of my day, maybe my life.

I think this wind will blow us all the way to the farm – sticking the van in neutral, putting up the sails and letting her glide.  HAPPY 4 day weekend, everyone!! 


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