On top of Spaghetti…

…all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed.

JP practices his trumpet almost every morning as I eat breakfast and check my e-mail.  He is an early riser, getting up long before I do and doing it without an alarm.  Always has been – good thing he was also so advanced as a three year old that he could play quietly so mama could sleep.  Oh who are we kidding, I had three infants at that time.  No one was sleeping.  Ok, so every morning, he is ready for school long before 7 AM, uses his free time to knock off some of that homework and I hear “On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese…” so now you know why I cant take anything too seriously.  Would you if your morning started with that?  No.

Other kid songs have been getting stuck in my head too.  Yesterday in 2nd grade music, we sang “Baby Beluga.”  Here, for your pleasure, watch the Full House version.

Class act.

When I searched for that video, I found all kinds of memories right there on youtube.  Why do I need to scrapbook when I have youtube?

James’ favorite when he was about 5

Man, I keep finding some great old tunes we used to hear around my house all the time…

Oh yes, Swiper, no swiping!!
When I heard this lovely tune, I knew I had a half hour of freedom
Great Googely Moogely!!
Hey it’s Franklin –

Yes, TV was used as an electronic babysitter in our home.  How else was I supposed to get anything done?  I mean, toilets needed to be scrubbed, dishes needed to be washed, and I needed to nap.  I used to hate these songs because they are all I ever heard, but now, wow, it is bittersweet to listen to them.


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