Sister Wives–it’s lighting up all the boards

Ok, I am going to admit that Bill and I watch Sister Wives every time it is on thanks to our DVR.  Why?  Another one of those train wreck things…just cant look away.  I have much to say about it.  But mostly WHAT IN THE WORLD?????  I just don’t get it.  This week, Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine welcomed a new wife to the mix, Robyn.  Well, Kody welcomed a new young toy while the first three wives (especially Meri) looked like they were really not happy to get reduced from once every three night with their man to once every four nights.  I just cant even make myself go there…yikes.  A man should not be kissing his girlfriend on his way out the door to the birth of a child from another wife and then talk to the doctor at the delivery about doing IVF with yet a different wife.  Oh, the circles he runs…train wreck people, train wreck.  CHOOOOOO CHOOOOOOO!!!  You can hear it coming’ and feel the rumblin’s.  GET OFF THE TRACK!!! 

Coupon deals for instant Oatmeal again…check here for Quaker $2 off coupon. Just for you, Missi.  You can print two!

This week is a 3-day week for anyone who has anything to do with school in our district.  So for 5/6 of our family, that means 4-day weekend BABY!!  I need a break – working in the capacity I work requires some well-timed breakage.  Happening in the middle of a guided reading quiet work time, comes my quote of the day, “Hey Mr. XXXXXX, your butt’s on fire!!”  I could make an entire entry about funny things kids say…kids are awesome, especially the ones I work with.  “Mr. XXXXXX, your butt’s on fire” – where do they come up with this stuff???  It made my day.

I went nuts in Hobby Lobby today.  They sell pink and green things in their Christmas supplies area – cleared them out.  Think wedding.  Think 50% off.  Think grinning all the way out of the store.  Think about how I will go back a couple more times when they stock more.  Think about how much of a rush getting 30 yards of ribbon for $2.50 is.  Think happiness.

Good news – our school pictures came back today.  I look older than I picture myself as always, but not too stupid.  A girl never knows when they lady turns her body at a weird angle and then tells her to tilt her head even more and then even more and then chin down and then even more and then turn to the right a tiny bit until basically she is dizzy and contorted.  But I don’t look all that bad.  Not like these people.

I would scan mine for you, but my tech support is out of town and I cant seem to get the second in command to get it to work.  Karalyn is our back-up techie.  She has a huge future in the world of cubicals.  She can decorate her cubical in pink and green – maybe leftovers from my Hobby Lobby shopping day.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Larisa
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:14:39

    I know what you mean by not being able to look away when it comes to Sister Wives…I was only going to watch the first one and now I can’t look away from the train wreck!
    Sometime you should do a blog on all the things the kids say at school….I’m sure I know a 5th grader(not naming names) who’s given you some good ones through out the years….he misses pt/ot in the am’s w/you. 🙂


    • debpieper
      Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:15:48

      I will start writing some things down…we certainly laugh daily at the stuff…that will make for an awesome entry some day.


  2. Kellie
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:15:59

    I love it that you put the quote of the day in there!! Too funny! See you tomorrow!


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