The beginning of Lucy

So 5 years ago this coming Christmas, we decided a dog would be a great addition to our family.  Don’t get me wrong, we had done a ton of research and thinking on the idea before that magical day, but all of a sudden Bill decided that was our day and went looking online.  He found a litter of labs a couple hours out of town and we rounded up the kids and went to pick one out.  We didn’t know what to look for, didn’t know how to pick out a puppy, didn’t know what to bring.  We went blind.

When we got to the farm, we were told they had two female puppies left.  We were pretty sure we wanted a female because we knew our puppy would be a house dog, not a hunting dog.  We were told a female would be a better choice for us.  Well, when you look at 12 7-week-old lab puppies, you melt.  I wanted them all.  Seriously.  We remember thinking about changing our minds and getting the male runt of the litter – he was awesome.  But his name was Wild Bill and Bill just couldn’t get past that.  The two females had the names Gypsy and Lucy (not that you cant change a 7-week-old dog’s name) but we decided to go with Lucy because we cannot support the Gypsy life style.  And the kids decided to keep her given name.

Wow – we drove home with a cardboard box lined with a towel and Lucy cried all the way from the farm to Fargo, where we went straight to Pet Smart.  We got cute toys, a water bowl that at the time was bigger than she was, and most importantly, a BIG kennel.  We were in over our heads.  And we were smitten…

2005-12-28_201403     2005-12-28_210315

We tried puppy school.  Really, we did.  We took her to the best in town.  She whined the whole time there too.  Did she learn much?  I don’t think so.  Other than knowing she was quickly growing bigger and stronger than the kids were.  She once dragged JP across our yard like she was Rudolf and he was Santa – it was one of the funniest things ever.  She had so much energy.  I will post more in the story of Lucy as I find pictures, because oh do I have pictures of her naughtiness.  MANY of them!!

…more to come…


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