So, this morning, when we were all snuggled in our jammies, I set out to make a fun breakfast for my kids.  I used to do this when they were pre-schoolers.  It was one way we studied our letters – what is better than eating your name in pancakes?  Anyways, now that they are older, I needed to step it up a bit.

beehive pancake     3D Dinosaur Pancake

Okay, okay – busted, it wasn’t me.  For breakfast, my kids had cereal.  This guy is running for best dad in the world or something – check out Jim’s Pancakes for more pictures of his amazing pancake art.  Because who wouldn’t want this for breakfast?

The Potty Pancake  This guy is amazing!!  (and I like his sense of humor!)

Ok, back to my own reality…

Our grill was put into it’s winter home, plants were deadheaded, flower pots were put into garage.   This fall didn’t lull us into stupidity.  We know that in a snap this beautiful fall weather we have been blessed with will end and since we have been given this weather deep in October, when that change comes, it will probably come in the form of a blizzard.  We are ready!!  Today is much cooler than we have been experiencing and Curly said, “burrrr, it is cold out there, kinda like winter but not as good!”  I love that my kids love winter.  I do too, right up until about January 1st.  I cant imagine Christmas with no snow, but yikes, when we get into January, February, March and sometimes even April, I just want to crawl out of my own skin.  Just wait – you will feel my mood change as I blog throughout the winter.

Well, Bill’s jacket zipper bit the dust so we are off to go buy another one – he flies out in the morning and needs a jacket.  I told him to go throw some fish for me at the market.  Seattle, I enjoyed Seattle.  A bit jealous.


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