One Tired Mommy

Why oh why cant I get my brain to shut off at 10:00 at night?  Here I am at 3:00 barely keeping my eyes open and yet I know I will not be responsible when 9:00 rolls in and I will be doing something stupid.  Like cleaning, perhaps.  Sleeping?  I doubt it.  My house is to that point that if the kids are wise, they will keep themselves good and busy playing outside tomorrow so I can scour from floor to ceiling.  I have a huge to-do list.  When I know Bill is going to be gone, I try to get things in line so there is that much less I need to do until he comes back.  Actually, when he is gone, I go into Superwoman mode, and probably do a better job of keeping things going.  So tomorrow, I clean, cook, grocery shop, and oh yeah, hit up forever 21.  It opened today!!  I love that place. 

Tonight, however, we are going to our friends’ house for dinner.  They have 5 children and not only invited our family to come over for dinner, but also invited all four of our kids to spend the night.  They are nuts.  But I am not stupid, “Sure,” I said.  “They are all yours.”  I hope my kids behave more like Bill and less like me tonight.  Smile

So today was crazy hat day at school and I went all out.  I have been prepared for this day since one beautiful 100 degree day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg (oh the fond memories of Griffon) where I bought this beauty:


(Please pay no attention to the massive mess in the background.)  A girl at school today asked who I was – seriously.  Because I wore contacts and didn’t have the usual puff to my hair, she thought I was someone else.  Well,  see what your hair looks like after you wear this thing all morning.  And, I love when I can wear my contacts to school and mess with the kids…they cant handle it.  It is the simple things in life that make my day. 

School quote of the day, “This is hard to do in the dark.”  I can’t elaborate.

Last night was JP’s parent teacher conferences.  It is always fun to hear other people’s take on your kid.  People who love kids, understand kids, and enjoy having your son in their class.  We should have counted the times we heard the phrases, “Delightful young man,” “asks a lot of questions, but they are good questions,” and “hard worker.”  All nice things to hear about your kid.  I guess more than a 4.0 or captain of a team, the thing a parent should strive for is compliments like, “he works hard, and is respectful.”  We are proud of him.  (And his grades are awesome too!!)  I don’t know how a 12-year old not only survives in that jungle but actually thrives – I just don’t get it.

It is also mid-term time for the trio.  We got our expected great grades from two of them and then one kiddo who thinks of school as simply a time filler from 8 – 2:30.  Ya gotta love the kid who would rather pull garbage cans around in a bike trailer than study compound sentences.  AMEN and AMEN!!  HE has life figured out.  Find something you love and then be the best at it.  He will be the best little homeless garbage can drummer in the whole wide world.  Here is the inspiration for his goals in life, the man we saw in DC who started the whole thing:

My boy in about 15 years

If you pass him on the street, please throw him a couple bucks so I don’t have to worry about him too much!!  Maybe he can one day afford a grocery cart to push his buckets around in!


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