If all my dreams came true

As a little girl, I dreamed of what my life would be when I grew up.  I think most little girls day dream about these things, pretending, practicing.  My memories of what I thought life would be like and what my reality is now are not that far off. 

I knew I would be married with children and that my primary role would be that of caretaker. I always imagined a happy home with lots of children. My kids would be clean and well-mannered.  We would play games together and read books, and we would spend time enjoying each other.

So, my happy home full of children is only slightly different.  My kids are clean for the first few minutes after every morning shower (a Pieper policy is that everyone showers every morning – we have since kindergarten.)  We do play a lot of games – I play on facebook, JP plays the XBox, the girls play on their computers, Bill plays on his laptop, and Crazy Man is generally playing some sort of do-as-much-as-I-can-without-getting-caught game.  The kids are well-mannered in most social circumstances, but I guess since I say it like it is, they have learned to do the same.  My bad.  We do spend a lot of time together as a family and enjoy every second.  Dream come true?  Sure, with a healthy dose of reality on the side.

Husbands of mine always wore suits and carried a brief case when I imagined them.  I think Bill has worn a suit, um……never – not once.  Tuxes for weddings when forced but never a suit.  (I stand corrected, he wore one as a ring bearer at age 5.)  At his grandpa’s funeral, the other 5 pall bearers were in suits, but not my Bill.  Not even when his mom offered to pay for one.  Nope.  He was in khakis and a denim shirt and out of respect, he did throw on a tie.    Class act.  I always tease him that when he dies, I am going to buy a suit to burry him in because I wonder what he would look like??  He doesn’t even own real dress pants or a sport coat.  Why?  Because he works at Microsoft, where he can show up in umbros or zubaz if the mood strikes him, not that he does.  And that briefcase he was supposed to carry turns out to be a laptop backpack.  It gets set on my kitchen floor every evening, and I wish it had a better home.  Ask Bill – it is a pet peeve of mine, and I think he continues to put it there just to mess with me.

Our home would be a two-story with a big wrap-around front porch and dormers.  Why?  Because the ultimate home comes with those things, duh.  Where else would I rock on my porch swing drinking lemonade playing checkers with the kids?  Pretty much, I planned to live on Wisteria Lane (minus all the floozies.)  Reality is that I live in a rambler, but it is an awesome home and I love it. No front porch, but a great back patio if you can handle the direct south sun and/or mosquitoes.  No swing.  We had one once but it was not even close to standing up to the harsh ND wind.  Blew to shreds in no time.  Checkers?  Lemonade?  HAHAHAHAHA 

Dinners would be magnificent and I would be smiling wearing an apron and make-up.  Kinda like the 50’s icon minus the dress – I have never been a dress fan.   So, many of my dinners ARE magnificent especially since I started cooking – who knew?  But we also eat our share of cold cereal and toast.  Thank goodness for a family who can adapt when mama doesn’t feel like gourmet – or even instant.  Some nights, saying, “make yourself toast” takes all the energy I have left.  Make-up, or what is left of it after a day spent at school maybe still covers the zits, the hair has been pulled up and there is no reason for an apron.  Why bother when I have changed from the dress clothes into sweats and old baggy t-shirts? 

What else did I dream about?  Not much.  I guess my aspirations were spot on with a child’s innocence.  I didn’t know about the stresses of adult life.  No one had told me about the toilet scrubbing, dog puking, sassy attitude kids parts of life – and beside, those things didn’t fit into my plan.  My plan was all sunshine and roses (no thorns!!)  I have my house full of kids and a great hubby who every night comes home from his job that he loves.  He even helps me clean.  (Which he didn’t have to do in my dreams because somehow, the house was always spotless.  Must have cleaned itself while I drank lemonade on my front porch. )

I guess dreams do come true.  Now if only I had that pet monkey I always wanted as a child.


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