Let the real mornings begin

Ok, so up until this point, the mornings have been running seamlessly.  Kids were ready early, all was well in our world.  This morning, Curly felt the need to be in the bathroom for 45 minutes, pushing Princess extremely late.  We heard the shower run twice.  Who knows what she was doing?  I have a guess.  I caught her doing this at the farm too.  She showers and then gets out, wraps her towel around herself, and then gets back in – not getting wet again, just enjoying the steam.  Figure that one out.  That girl is going to need a hot tub and a sauna when she gets her own place.  Now she doesn’t have a ton of time to get dressed, eat, and brush her teeth, which will be inspected.   Good thing she doesn’t care what she looks like. 

Things Curly packed for our trip to the farm last weekend:  a bell from a game, (the kind you ring for customer service) her robe, Band-Aids, (she ALWAYS travels with Band-Aids) her dress-up heel shoes, her medal from running in the youth run last May, and 3 empty purses.  You think I am random?


Today is my niece’s 8th birthday and the 3rd and hopefully last surgery for my nephew, who broke his arm the summer requiring pins and rods…today they come out.  Thinking of the two of them today!  Love all my nieces and nephews and am so blessed to have each of them!  I love being the aunt to so many. 

It is also walk-until-your-legs-are-like-rubber night!!  I love my new “date-nights” – much better for the body than our old dinner out nights.  Although I really miss Texas Roadhouse.  And Ruby Tuesday salad bar B1G1 coupon usage.  When we can eat dinner out for $10, I feel like the glee of the deal overrides the obvious massive calorie intake.


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