A weekend with the ladies

The weekend was a wonderful mixture of crazy silly times with my girls and lump in the throat moments as we worked on wedding details.

Before we even left our home Friday, we were greeted by an awesome site.  Crazy Man and his buddy had plans…can you guess what the plans were by looking at this picture?  (answer at the end of this blog entry)  The site put in me in a fun laughing mood for the long drive.


The ride down was unlike any other drive I have had to the farm.  Curly stretched out in the back seat and slept for the first 2 1/2 hours and Princess colored and read.  I listened to talk radio – I was told it was a sign of being old, I like to think of it as a sign of maturity.  I am becoming educated in the events and issues that shape my world, and right now I am not liking the shape.  Anyways,  we stopped in Alexandria to get gas – what is with people who not only pump their gas but then wash their windows and then go inside to pay, leaving their car at the pump when there is a line a few cars deep?  I backed out of line, got in another one, pumped gas, moved my van,  went to the bathroom X 3 and still beat the lady!!  Hate that!!  MOVE YOUR CAR SO OTHERS CAN GET GAS!!  Ok, point made.

We decided to crank some tunes as we neared the farm.  And by crank, I mean LOUD!!  Bill doesn’t appreciate real loud music, so since he wasn’t with, we could ruin our hearing if we wanted to.  It was joyous and we took turns picking the tunes, which ranged from “Thank-you for the Music” from Abba to “Living on a Prayer” Bon Jovi.  It was somewhere in the middle of Alvin and the Chipmunks singing “Single Ladies” that I flew right by the turn onto the dirt road the farm is on…oops.  I had to turn off the tunes, and figure out a different dirt road to take, but we made it!!

Friday night, we stayed up WAY too late eating ice cream and laughing.  I don’t remember much, but I do remember a few key words:  Nunderwear, BOB, and Live Savers.  I don’t even know what these words mean. 

Saturday, it was up and at ‘em.  Stacy tried on dress after dress and was such a trooper – trying on styles the girls wanted to see.  And she looked like a million bucks in every one, even the ones we brought her as a joke.  All I can say is “Mission Accomplished.  The dress is white.”  Those are the only details I will divulge about her dress; however, here are a couple sneak peaks at the reject dresses from the other ladies.  We enjoyed Curly’s glee about putting on a dress – any dress, and Kristin and Princess dressed up as watermelons.

              20101009_134615_5292        20101009_140256_5302

Thus ends the mature part of our day.  After the big purchase, we went to Dairy Queen and met up with Aunt Eileen and Great Grandma Mericle – busted ladies!!  Only we get to eat ice cream 24/7!  So we made our lunch into a big party with many giggles thanks to Great Grandma and her wedding wisdom.  (yes, another chicken strip basket for me!!)

20101009_150733_5328 Ladies luncheon20101009_154457_5333checking out the ring

Nearing the end of lunch, my new friend, the cold sore, started to gush blood – not kidding – it was everywhere.  What in the world?  I almost needed a transfusion – good thing Marilyn the nurse was there, and in case it went bad, Kristin was there to snatch my bod and haul it off to the funeral home.  The eulogy would have been something like, “Yeah, Pieper died from bleeding out.  Cause of death: cold sore.”  Marilyn bought me a little present, she is the greatest mother-in-law in the world!!

20101009_170729_5336  Nice, huh???  I carried it around and slathered up every hour, just like it said.  After all, I don’t want to die this way.  Another life saved by Herpecin. 

Lots of wedding flower detailing, lots of wedding decoration chat, lots of wedding everything.  Popcorn.  Another late night.

Today was the wedding show in Mankato.  Whoopee.  (A great grandma favorite expression!) We signed up for tons of free drawings, ate as much candy as we could and watched an hour worth of dresses modeled.  Well, Curly sat on the floor and colored and read books after a first 1/2 of dresses – not her cup of tea – she was just there for the chocolate kisses at every booth.  Where was the cake??  No cake = incomplete wedding show.  We had lunch at Arby’s.  Curly had a chocolate shake, chocolate turn over and mozzarella sticks.  Health. 

The way home – 5 hours of quiet.  The girls read, I went into Auto Pilot.  We made it, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset that wrapped up the girls fun get-away.


It was a fun weekend – successful.  Any weekend with family is a good weekend, well, most of them anyway.  Note that the one taking the pictures is never in them Smile  PERFECT!  I was having a fat weekend anyway, and came so close to death.

20101009_104200_5193   20101009_104219_519420101010_151152_5442  20101009_110752_5196

20101010_151411_5444    20101010_151221_5443

Crazy Man’s plan with the buckets??  Drumming like the homeless dude we saw in DC.


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