I am a big supporter of the Sun Chip industry.  I love the Harvest Cheddar flavor – oh, bag of joy!!  I was so bummed this summer when the bags they used for them changed and sounded like a very loud diaper.  Not very loud filling of the diaper, just a very loud diaper.  Like what my Columbia jacket sounds like at –30 degrees, only louder.  Generally, I eat Sun Chips in the summer when I am camping and sitting in my lounger reading a good book – surrounded by other adults reading good books – the last thing we need to hear is loud diaper.  I was thrilled today when I opened the internet and found that I am not alone in this complaint.  The old bags are coming back!!!  I am pretty sure this is the kind of event that made Martina McBride sing Independence Day!  Let freedom ring!    My days as a Sun Chip eater can be peaceful again.  I am not an environmentalist – I have stated that before.  Shoot me.

Today is a bit breezy in the Red River Valley – the kind of light breeze that not only causes a bad hair day, or actually, a why-bother-to-do-my-hair day, but also can cause other body issues.  Like if you stand facing the wind, your stomach can literally touch your backbone, pushed by air force.  Better yet, your flabby parts flap in the wind.  Have you noticed extra flapping thighs and triceps today?  You don’t want to see what happens to flabby butts in this kind of “breeze.”  Double chins and sagging neck skin are victims as well.  People of FM are probably suffering from body slaps of every kind today if they would only admit it. 

So I told Bill a couple days ago that I was going to be hard core this week and get up EVERY morning to use the elliptical.  Guess whose alarm goes off 10 minutes early this morning, about 2 minutes before mine?  The mister’s.  He claims innocence when he gets on the elliptical this morning before I can – it’s not fair, I have to put on more clothing than he does before I start.  So I got up anyway and attempted a show on Fit TV – Bollywood Dance Workout.  HORRID!  “Do the love yourself move.  Repeat”  Really??  I don’t picture Indian women walking around loving themselves repeatedly.  I enjoyed the commercial break when I did sit ups and pushups.  Bleck.  That show wont happen again in my home…Tonight I ran my 2 mile loop and was happy to pass the dog puke pile that has passed the test of time…consistency is good. 

I think I have toasted skin syndrome.  Seriously, my left leg has a beautiful pattern on it…darn facebook!!  Now that the syndrome has a name, I should probably sue someone, it is the American way.  Do something obvious and stupid and then blame someone else…Sing with me now, God Bless America…land that I love….stand beside her and guide her…

TWISTED thought alert ***  if easily offended, don’t continue this paragraph, don’t click on the link.  What in the world – who thinks of this stuff – better yet, who uses it????  Please don’t tell me if any of you do…because I don’t want to know, really I don’t, Janell.  I didn’t stumble across it in a search of something twisted, a link was placed on one of the forums I frequent.  I promise.

I found a blog that I enjoy big time – I think she thinks a lot like I do – except she is even more healthy of an eater…I really want to get to where she is, baby steps baby steps.  I no longer enjoy a lot of meat – what is that all about?  Pot roast will always be my friend, but a lot of the meat things I could pass on – I fed tonight’s chicken to my dog.  Anywho, the blog is Five Frozen Chamorros and this link is an entry I enjoyed.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire needs to be done.  It should have been done a LONG time ago.    The other show I hate is 60 Minutes (except watching Andy Rooney’s eyebrows.)  I have been thinking of Andy Rooney a lot these days as I grow my brows out.  I have an appointment on Thursday to get all my hair under control; until then, I can braid my eyebrows. I bought headbands, so I can pull them back until Thursday so they don’t hang in my eyes…

I guess I will watch Outsourced with Bill and see if any of the ladies on the show walk around loving themselves. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Larisa
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 20:48:03

    Wow, that was a twisted link!! I couldn’t help resist checking out just because you said “I” might not want to. 😉 Great blog, tell Bill you get to have the eliptical first since you birthed his four kids. 🙂


  2. Ava Vranish
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 21:12:40

    Girl you inspire me and make me laugh. I love your blog!


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