SUNDAY…Sunday Sunday Sunday

There are days when it all works out and then there is today.  The Pieper family is exhausted and yet life goes on – no time for too much resting or else we start our week already behind.  WHY?  Why is being a grown-up so much work??  I just want a day off of life.  Or, someone to come clean for me.  Either one.

This is a great Blog about days like today. It has some great point, good read.

As you know, I have been teaching my kids cooking skills, which means on mornings like this, I am greeted by this wonderful act of kindness: 

(Where is the picture???  Oh, goes with the day, it wont upload it properly.  I had a tray with scrambled eggs, toast, milk and cut flowers in a vase.)

And then after I ate this, I ventured to our kitchen to start my day of cooking.  It was a disaster.  But I cleaned it and didn’t yell too much.  Ok, it wasn’t my best mom moment, but really…  I got the brown sugar out and this happened, the opposite of the good side of teaching kids to cook: 

(What’s with this picture???  It wont upload this one properly either.  But it is closer…)



I needed sprite for a recipe and sent Alli to the gas station to grab me a bottle – she must have shaken it all the way home and then stepped back when I opened it – sprayed ALL OVER.  Another AUGH!!!  I didn’t take a picture – I was too sticky.

Then, I dropped a rib in the pan I was searing it in and got a nasty shower of grease – had to double wash my glasses with straight Dawn just to see good enough so I could get to the shower – It was at this point I stepped away from the kitchen Smile  But I went back and hit the muffins…It was Sunday muffin mania.


Goodbye, summer toes!!!

When my cousin was here, we got matching pedicures.  It was a very special moment in life, a bonding for eternity.  She already took hers off.  She is mean like that.  I am just a throw away cousin to her…she went back out to tree-hugging Oregon and got rid of her reminders of me as fast as she could…bustin’ my love…bustin’ my love. 

20100827_121440_4426  There they were in their prime.

20101003_190634_5171  Here is what is left of mine…no baby toe paint, beads missing, but still here, I am in for the long haul.  (I am taking mine off tonight.)

So, I already ate one of my new recipes.  YUMMMMMMMMY!  It was the Pork Chops with Scalloped Potatoes and it was fantastic.  I used ribs instead of chops so it was rather fatty, so I would stick with chops, but HOLY MOLY, YUM!!  I used my mother-in-law’s bathtub corn to complete the meal and it was fantastic. 



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