Prepare for deep sappy mom thoughts…

Today was a great day for my kids – each different, each succeeding in different ways.  Many of you know how difficult of a year we went through last year with many issues popping up in our children.  Blame it on preemie hang over, use hormones as an excuse – whatever you want, it was just really really hard to parent through the past year. 

Curly struggled the most.  She worked hard to keep it together, doing her very best, but there were times when she was completely overwhelmed and needed an escape.  She used books as her mechanism.  She poured over books – any books she could get her hands on. She read and read and read – outreading our local elementary school, we took her to the public library.  She spent hours in her imaginative worlds.  We struggled to maintain sanity, but she found a vice. 

Slowly over the summer, things began to change and we saw glimmers of happy Curly coming back to us.  Her jokes started to come back once in a while.  Her giggles.  Her goofball.  Her Curly.  These days, hardly a serious thing comes out of her mouth.  Her smile is continuous, her love of life is back. 

Tonight, Curly was given a Certificate of Excellence from the West Fargo School Board that states she is an asset to the student body.  See, at our school, students can take Accelerated Reader tests on the books they read, pretty much computerized book reports.  Curly took one almost every night last year as she read.  She had the most points in the school last year, and today was rewarded for her efforts.    I don’t care all that much about the award – what means the most to me is that this is a very clear sign that she is being rewarded for working through a very hard time in her life. 


I just love being a mom – Crazy Man got to drum at piano lessons tonight and it was the first time I had heard him drum along a piano playing worship music.  What a blessing to a mom’s heart.  That kid has talent!!  Extreme talent!  His piano teacher gave him a song to learn the right hand notes to and then is teaching him to chord the left hand so when he plays on a worship team so day, he knows how to do the keyboard too…WOW…that day will be one of my best mom days ever.  He came out of lessons with a perma ear-to-ear grin.  Thanks, Missy!

JP had his second CC meet tonight.  Who knew CC could be such a muddy sport, but they ran through puddles and against a Fargo wind, and he did 2.1 miles in about 15 minutes (no big deal, I can do 2 miles in about 30 minutes – oh, aging, how you suck.)  He bettered his time and his efforts and THAT is success.  Look at the determination…


Princess oh Princess.  Everything is easy for Princess.  When asked what the best part of her day was, she simply grinned and said, “Everything was easy.”  And I am so thankful that life comes easy for her.  She knows what she likes, she can go against the grain, she is patient and loving, and she makes being a mom a joy.  She is working hard at avoiding the girl drama by making good friend choices…that is never easy.  I am proud of her.  (And tonight, she ate pork chops, knowing they were pork chops, and admitted they were pretty good.  But I did catch her cuddling with her biggest stuffed piggy tonight while wearing her piggy jammies – guilt?)

Anywho, this song keeps going through my head, and it just is so fitting for today.

It was my song when I didn’t know if I could have kids, and today, it came back today as a reminder that God has this all under control.  I just have to let him drive the car instead of inviting him along for the ride, right, PK?


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  1. Larisa
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 21:19:35

    What an awesome day all around for the Pieper’s (plus a really cute, short kid helped you out w/squats when he gave you a hug after school!) 🙂


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