Yelping like a girl

This afternoon, we got ready for our big family outing.  We pulled on our favorite jeans and sweatshirts, warmed apple cider for our thermoses and hit the road.  It was the first time I had put the van heater all the way on the red (hot) side.  Ahhhhh, I love fall. 

The temp hovered near 56 – 57 degrees…and we headed east on a familiar road, through Glyndon where we met up with our friends, Eric and Hannah Surma, and pushed on further east, marveling at the beauty of the fall colors.

20100925_114751_4811     20100925_145639_4988    

We got to our highly anticipated destination, dressed for the occasion, noting that the trees were losing quite a few leaves already.

20100925_132310_4814  Princess in her high fashion fall attire    

20100925_132341_4815  Hannah in her winter coat

The weather was perfect for a football game,  maybe a hunting trip, perhaps even a brisk fall hike.  But these were not our plans for the day.  No, not even close. The language being spoken began to change.  I heard, “Because, like, we are heading to the lake, dude” come out of my husband’s mouth – seriously, I did.

We launched the boat.  I think at this point a couple of the participants were wondering about the genius of our plans. Some of us who were smart enough to never commit were starting to giggle.  We checked the water temp.

20100925_133219_4821 About the same temperature as the air.  Shouldn’t feel too bad.

And then the craziness began.  First with Eric.

20100925_133845_4837      20100925_134044_4843

20100925_134239_4846      20100925_133839_4835

And then Bill…

20100925_135057_4852  I think he was saying something like, “How soon can I get back out?”  It was more of survival than enjoyment, but we have thick blood around here – doing this with floating ice chunks would be impressive!!  But the show must go on.  You may wonder what Bill was doing in these pictures. We are not sure, blame it on lack of blood flow to the brain – early onset hypothermia. 

20100925_135334_4866     20100925_140034_4891

20100925_143743_4946     20100925_144211_4965


20100925_143337_4944  Michael Jackson Gloves

20100925_143350_4945  Hot water spray nozzle

20100925_142907_4941  Craziness…insanity…nakedness

20100925_135706_4878   Goodbye, birdies.

20100925_151027_5004  Goodbye, summer!


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