I’m just trying to bring sexy back

I made a meatless egg bake for supper tonight at Curly’s request.  Seems like scrambled eggs for breakfast needs to be followed by egg bake for supper.  Protein overload.  It also is not recommended.  Yuck.

How is a girl supposed to take her 30-day shred serious with conversations like this going on?

Bill, “Crazy Man, did you read?”

Crazy Man, “No”

Bill, “You have to read every day!!”

Crazy Man, “Not today, I read at school.”

Curly, “Everyday, just like your underwear.”

Crazy Man, “I don’t change my underwear every day.”

Curly, “You must have poop stains in your underwear.”

People, I am trying to jump and do sit-ups.  Don’t make me laugh. 

And then later on when we are really tired and just trying to stick with the rock star jumps (hard enough since I suck at them and at this point I can barely get my feet off the ground) Bill says, “Oh…I just puked a little in my mouth.” and takes off to the bathroom.  I continue pretending to jump.  He returns, “The egg bake tasted meatier the second time.”  Seriously, people.  I am trying to bring sexy back.  Puking is not part of my plan…


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  1. Janell
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 21:49:57

    Holy cow! That is awesome on so many levels. I can’t imagine how hard I would be laughing if I had been sitting behind you guys this time.


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