The ins and outs of raising triplets thus far #2: questions about the first few months

Common questions we have gotten concerning the first few months of life:

1.  Were they in the hospital long? The tiniest spunky thing came home after 24 days and the other two felt left out and pulled it together quickly, both coming home at 28 days.  Really, I think after prolonged bed rest and an extra long c-section incision, hospitals should send nurses out to mom’s houses for months.  In the NICU, the staff taught my kids to suck their thumbs (still paying for that!) and that 8:00 PM is the beginning of party time every night (took a few weeks to break that bad habit!)  It was just enough time for me to get my legs back under me after laying in bed for so long.  I looked like crap (but my hair was sure healthy!) and probably still looked 5 months pregnant when they came home.

2.  Did you have help?  Do pigs stink? 

3.  How did you do it?  Did we have a choice, because if we would have known we had a choice, there were times we most likely would have quit.  Like that one night at 2:30 in the morning when a certain triplet (a boy, but I am NOT naming names) would NOT QUIT CRYING!!  and his mom had had enough.  Or when we really just wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary at a wedding where James was ring bearer but we couldn’t stay because someone had to help feed three babies and no one else volunteered for the job.  Those kind of moments – the times I would make sure they were all safe, fed, and changed and then put them in cribs and go sit on the front step because I could not listen to them for one more minute.  They say moms only remember the good times – they lie.

4.  Feeding three – explain how that worked.  I have three boobs.  I inherited this trait from my maternal grandfather.  It is that simple.  Bill is a very lucky guy. 

5.  Could you tell them apart?  Well, it was easy to pick Crazy Man out of the crowd for obvious reasons (the same reason that really made us wonder what people were smoking when they asked if they were identical.)  Princess came out with an afro, Curly was hair challenged.  They looked as much alike then as they do now – NADA.   It was pretty easy to tell them from each other; however, looking back at unlabeled pictures, I sometimes cant tell which kid is which.  Oops, bad mom for not labeling each picture. 


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