Nuts, and things that drive me nuts

Sorry, J & T, this isn’t about what you were hoping it would be about.  I am just not that kind of girl.  At this moment, anyway.

I have always hated nuts.  At Christmas, one of my jobs (when I am not stuck in the sink washing dishes!! Can I get a woot from the Rauenhorst ladies?) is mixing M&M’s and peanuts in a bowl for everyone to munch on while waiting for dinner.  “Why?” I ask.  What a waste of time, since when I eat them (and I think most everyone else also based off the times I have to add M&M’s to make the mix just right) I pick the M&M’s out and leave the peanuts.  The best way to keep me from eating any given bar (Midwestern for brownie)  is to put nuts in them.  Especially walnuts…bleck.  However, all of a sudden, I like cashews and pistachios.  I have been roasting pecans to put in my salads and adding slivered almonds to my granola.  What does this mean about me?  I am afraid.  So I wont type “sudden love of nuts” into a search engine.  Oh yes I will…wait for me…Ok, just back from that search and it really was disappointing.  I found one great blog entry about nuts here.  (Way off topic, but good if you are bored:  Click the tabs on the top for a bunch more interesting reads.) I thought for sure I would get something edgy.  I am in an edgy mood thanks to the things that drive me nuts, so whatever. 

10 Things that DrIVe mE nUTs:

1.  Having a headache that nothing helps, chalk it up to hormones.  This explains why everything is driving me nuts today.  Watch out, world. 

2  The feeling that someone is following me around, watching every move I make, hoping I mess up/fail some stupid “test”.  Here is a memo for ya:  I am going to mess up, I am going to fail every “test” you can come up with.  Following me may get boring, but you are sure to find something if you look long and hard.  Oh shoot, maybe you wont even have to look too long and too hard…maybe?!?!?  Who am I kidding,  the failure you are looking for will happen in the first few minutes.    Quit sneaking around, just ask me if I sucked it up, I will tell ya.  I tell my kids this all the time, “not everyone is going to be good at everything, except me.”    I have a good handle on my imperfections, but I have pretty good motives.  People need to look for the good in others – there is a lot more good in most people than we give them credit for.   Spend more time looking for the good – it is a lot more fun.

3.  Whiny people – there is a difference between complaining and whining, I hate whining.  If you don’t like something, change something.  Body parts are allowed to whine, as in Wednesday’s blog.

4.  Hair – when people shed where I can visibly see it

5.  People who pick their toenails.  Maybe not the people, maybe I should reword that.  When a person (often named Bill) picks his toes in front of me, it drives me nuts.

6.  Really loud commercials on Disney, actually everything Disney these days.  Disneyworld is exempt from this.

7.  Guilt drives me nuts.  I tend to be a people pleaser.  Sometimes I just cant follow through with plans I made a couple weeks ago, because a couple weeks ago, I didn’t know I would barely be awake at this given moment and that I need to do nothing more than get my feet back under me.  That is what this weekend is going to be all about: trying to not feel guilty about washing laundry, grocery shopping, scrubbing toilets, etc. when I feel like I’m letting other people down.  I am learning to say no, but it is a hard lesson to get into my mind.

8.  People who repeat the same stupidity over and over and post about it on Facebook, looking for me to reply what? That I am so sorry they did the same stupid thing over and over and are getting the same result?  And this is all they can post about?  Block.  (I have actually never blocked someone for this…I only block people who drop the F-bomb all the time – what is the need for that???  Remember, we have 8-year-old “13-year-olds” on FB, be smarter than that.)

9.  Dog pee spots in my lawn.  Yes, they are from our own dog, but really, we had no idea her pee would do this to our super green lawn that ranked really high in the neighborhood green grass contest when we got her, so now we just let our lawn go to the crapper.  Literally.  We have a one-acre toilet out there!

10.  When someone uses the last piece of bread and then doesn’t get a new loaf out of the freezer, and then I hear a “whaaaaaaaaaaa, we are out of bread, why did you let that happen….whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”  Really, I don’t eat white bread, so I don’t keep track of that.  You have legs, go get your own bread.

Anyway, it is snowing a couple hours west of here but not here so I will end my list of things that DrIVe mE nUTs with this:  Dear God, please at least send a hard freeze so the mosquitoes that plaque us will all die.  Mass mosquito death = happy happy joy joy. 

BlogPic  This is for all the other crabby people out there…it is Friday.  Let us rejoice and be glad!


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