Run like the wind, Bull’s-eye!!

That could be our life motto these days, but mostly I refer to JP, who checked one more think off the “things my mom has never done cuz she doesn’t want to” list when he competed in his first Cross Country meet.  It was a beautiful day for a jog in the park, as long as I was watching, not participating.    I am very proud of him, and celebrated by eating a couple M&M’s.  

20100916_165904_4661The cheering section  

               20100916_165715_4647 The guy in green

20100916_165719_4650 With a can of aqua net, we could do great stuff here…

Do you see any similarities?  20100916_170526_4696      thumbnail[2]

I came home to the smell of bleach in my garage.   A mom of Crazy Man always wonders what in the world is going on.  Good news, it is just a deer skull he found getting soaked in bleach so he can bless his teacher with it at school tomorrow.  What a lucky lady to have such science-minded students.  Bill is currently teaching Crazy Man that next time, he should bury the bones he finds for six months and then dig them up.  Great, just what Crazy Man needs to know.  We will find holes all over our yard now.  Might as well open a mini-golf course.

We are spending a quality evening watching Wipe Out.  It is a kid favorite, especially for Curly – she loves watching other people get the snot beat out of them…in fact, she finds great joy in it.  I am talking “joy unspeakable that wont go away” type joy.  Some people get that from God, she gets it from others’ demise.    We really should let her stay up late night so she can watch Bill and I do the step 3 of the shred tonight…she would be belly laughing the WHOLE time.

So I spose it is that time…dang exercise.  I already thought I’d ellipticalled my butt off this morning, problem being it is still there.


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  1. Jyl
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 20:57:46

    The photo of James up close…ACTION SHOT MANIA!!! WOW, that is cool….tongue and all!


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