Bachelor Pad…Father forgive me, for I have sinned

Yes, yes it is true.  Bill and I watch this crap.  WHY????  We even DVR it.  Yikes, how low can our standards be?  I just know in the end, true love will find each other.  I just have the gut feeling this time.


These are three of my favorite quotes from this week:

“The next hour is the most important hour of my life.” wow, you haven’t lived too much

“This is going to be one of the toughest decisions of my life.”  really??  Give it some time…

“This game has grown a relationship that may have not been a relationship before.”  (she is by far the ding bat award winner, she does have a screw loose, and it last a long time, didn’t it?)

“Bad Boys need love too.”         

Disappointing ending…she shoulda picked keep.

Ok, a couple important things:

First, I have a friend who grows healthy foods:  Check her business out!!

And second, this looks to be everyone’s favorite pot roast.  Next time you have pot roast, think of me Smile

I got up early and gave my elliptical a dusting off today, so I am hitting the hay!


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