A SUCC–full weekend

If shopping weekend success is dependent on how badly I blew my set budget, lets call this weekend flippin’ awesome.  The mood was set early when we pulled into a rest stop right after 3 busses of NDSU students were loading back up to leave.  What awesome timing – we should have known right there the level of SUCC we would experience through-out the 2 day shopping extravaganza. 

It started off great, with healthy foods packed in my cool little lunch box and a short list of things I needed.  I, being the responsible mature woman that I am, got up Saturday morning in time to not only fill my van with gas, but also eat a bowl of oatmeal with craisins.  (Ok, I ate the oatmeal while driving, but still, I was impressed with myself.)  During the drive to the cities, I studiously drank my 16 oz water and didn’t stop at Clearwater Petro for their yummy loaves of uber healthy breads like in past years, nor did we stop for a morning Dew and Donut break.  When we got there early enough to spend a few minutes at Caribou Coffee, I simply ate the pear I had packed.  I was on a roll. 

We coasted into the parking lot, one of the first vehicles, resulting in the best pick of parking spots.  I was able to knock the worst thing off my 5-item list in the first 10 minutes: sports bras.  If I am going to be all exercise-y then I am going to need top of the line apparel.  And what woman doesn’t LOVE bra shopping???  Ranks as high as swim suit shopping for me.  I FOUND THREE!!!  Yep, three sports bras in the van before 10:30.  No matter what else happened, I was going to be in a good mood all day.

Moving along.  We doddled here and there, looking at kitchen gadget store (Karalyn will love the spatula and spoon I got her!  her two favorite things are brownies and puppies! See pic below) ate lunch (shared a salad!) and was really having a great budget-following start.  And then it all fell apart when I walked into BASS.  Shoes that fit and feel good – need I say more??  And then signs that say 50% off + 20% off  + Today only 10% more off.  Of course I know they just started the shoes off with higher prices, but I think with those discounts, who cares!!  One of the items on my list was black shoes to wear with jeans this winter.  So since they are on my list and on such a good sale, I bought two pair.  And the same sale was on jewelry.  Guess what?  Black necklace is item #3.  So I got one of those, and two pair of earrings, and another necklace, and a bracelet.  After all, I am a bargain shopper!!  Bass Outlet, you never let me down!!  [When I got home, Andy modeled the shoes so you could see their awesomeness.]


20100912_180542_4586          20100912_180915_4591

I bought my obligatory 2 long sleeved T’s from GAP (tradition, and finally now that I own so many I can branch out into crazy colors like hunter green) and a men’s t-shirt from Tommy (loved the last one so much I wore holes in the armpits.)  I had a good day.  I don’t think I have embarrassed my sisters-in-law, I stuck to my list pretty well, and stuck to my eating plan.

And then dinner happened.  We went to Maynards, our annual “sit down and act like mature, cultured women” dinner.  Last year, I ordered the pot roast.  If you love pot roast like any good mid-westerner should, this entre will not disappoint you.  It can feed your whole family.  Which is why I had to bring at least 80% of it to the hotel in a doggie bag (no fridge) and subsequently plant it in my SIL’s hotel room to stink up the place all night.   So this year, my repeat purchase was frowned upon.  BUT HARK!!  They have a pot roast french dip!!  Halleluiah!!  No one said I couldn’t have one of those!!  So I did.  I splurged and also ordered the waffle fries with sour cream to dip them in – DIET SHOT IN ONE SITTING – I didn’t want to but my very bossy sister in law Shannah told me I HAD TO!  I am a peace maker, people, I do what I am told.  Shannah is always the trouble maker.  When she and my little brother started dating, we really had to culture her up a bit.  She has come a long way. 

After dinner, we hit Cabelas!  I know what you are thinking “How do Cabelas and those kickin’ bass shoes go together??”  Follow along, this gets good.  So every year, we go to Cabelas to kick of the Christmas shopping for the men-half of our family.  I can easily finish the shopping experience there in 15 minutes (I am married to a computer geek, not a gotta-own-everything-Cabelas-makes guy) but we agree to meet back in an hour and a half.  Deal.  I grab Sarah (she is my partner in crime for this undertaking) and the two of us go up to the “camping” area.  What we really do it hit the fudge counter and sample fudge until we feel sick.  In years past, we have grabbed Bavarian nuts and a pop at this point.  (Cant be showing this to the other sisters-in-law who are all health this and health that.)  This year, we simple got bottled water.  Once we are fudged out, we go find the most comfortable camping chairs, usually the lounger and the rocker, and we finish our sneaky snack.  Now that I let them all in on our secret, next year we will have to buy camo and sit in the duck blind so they cant see us.

I got to sleep with Missi.

Next day, I got up, got ready, and ate the yogurt and eggs I had brought with.  Yep, always prepared like a boy scout.  If my sisters-in-law are going to drag me to Perkins, home of the 100,000 calorie omelet, I am going prepared.    I ordered the fruit bowl.  You heard me right, I paid $4.69 for a bowl of rock yard melon that I didn’t eat.  Next time, I will just get a piece of French Silk Pie.  Sarah taught me that if I eat pie first and then die, I will at least die happy.  I may die from a heart attack from eating too much pie, but I will die fat and happy. 

I did a little Trading with Joe.  Holy Smokes, I would look like a super model if only we had a Trader Joe’s in Fargo.   A lady whipped into the parking spot next to Lynette and scratched Lynette’s Yukon.  The lady didn’t even notice.  That should tell you how excited people are to get to Trader Joe’s. 

Arbor Lakes is a place we like to shop at, pretending we are all rich and snobby like that.  Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Anthropology, you know – places with prices that make you try not to yell “HOLY CRAP” …places where when you check the price tags, you hold a straight face while inside you are thinking “What do you get for a kidney these days?”  Way down in the ghetto end is Maurices, a store I like to frequent.  When you put normal Maurices into the hottie snottie mall, it feels so much more happenin’ to shop on the 75% off racks.    And we did.  We also went into my two least favorite mall rat stores:  Hollister and Abercrombie.  Music so loud, some sort of odor I cant even explain…I remember why I refer to them as Satan’s stores.  But, I did buy James a shirt, requiring me to walk around carrying a bag with a half naked man on it.

Then I made the last bad move of the day.  I accidentally walked into Wet Seal.  Ok, in our mall, I think of this store as a classless, hoochie mama waste of floor space tenant.  But not today, not in the hottie snottie mall.  No, in this setting, on this day, Wet Seal has some cute sweaters that I actually might wear…so I tried them on, locked myself out of my dressing room, regrouped, and then decided to buy 2 of them.  So if you see a hoochie mama snottie hot pants walkin’ around, it is just me.  I cant help it.  They will look good with my new shoes.

The only thing I didn’t get on my list was gray casual pants.  I found a pair at Maurices, but they were $36 and they made my butt look fat.  I would have settled for a fat butt if they would have been on the 75% off rack.  That is the way I roll.

59820_442727707120_708847120_5520884_6048669_n[1]                60332_442723417120_708847120_5520805_2930166_n[1]

PS.  SUCC is slang for successful.  I learned that on acronymfinder.com.  A lot of research goes into these blogs, so much so that I may have to hire a R&D contractor soon.

This is the stuff I bought just for ME!!!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 20:44:50

    The fact that I got a whole paragraph (although only a sentence) dedicated to our sleeping arrangements almost moved me to tears. Or maybe something else…

    Love Andy in the shoes… they were so cheap… should have gotten him a pair, too.

    We always have such a great time… I am sorry that it has come and gone for the year! Well, my wallet is not sorry… but I sure am!


  2. Melissa
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 20:58:22

    Darn, this makes me wish I was a “How girl” — good times and hilariously delivered by the author…I’ll be watching for the hoochie mama struttin’ around town in her great (cheap) shoes. Deb, you should’ve started blogging years ago….


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