Versions of Deb from the past

The hobby thread and resulting chat of FB got me thinking of all the things I have done in the past that are no longer part of who I am now.  I am not only thinking of all the stupid things you can chalk up to being young and immature, which I wont list, but also of all the different phases of creativity I have gone through.  This is the time to let you know my mother-in-law, who might be the bestest awesomest gift to my life ever, was part of the macramé owl craze back in the day.  That needed to be shared.

My first hobby in adulthood was crafting.  Back when wooden plaques with wire hangers that read all sorts of kitschy things were placed all over my walls, adorned with wonderful eucalyptus sprays hopefully crafted into some sort of wonderful heart shape, I had the world’s greatest collection of craft supplies.  Bill called it my crap collection.  Many bins held the wood, paint, brushes, sandpaper, sharpies, etc. needed to make these crafts. A couple of my friends and I would pump them out in bulk.  If any of you still own these things, feel free to burn them at a craft-free celebratory bonfire ASAP.   Say no to little wooden craft signs.

After the craft phase, I entered the world of crocheting.  I wish I could still crochet just because I like how it is spelled.  I made somewhere around 10 afghans.    My first was a very shoddy pieced together quilt-looking thing for my mother-in-law.  She treated it like it was made with yarn spun of gold.  Did I mention how much I love that lady? I remember being glued to the TV following the tragedy of 9-11 making an afghan while watching the horrid scenes unfold, knowing that my afghan would never do anything so violent.   I crocheted afghans for my grandpa and Bill’s 2 grandmas, so when they were alone, they could wrap up in a long distance hug from me.  I enjoyed crocheting so much, but somewhere around afghan #8, my wrist decided to click with every twist, numbing my hand, and I decided I liked being able to walk around without carpal tunnel braces.  If you have a Deb Pieper Afghan, hang on to it.  With very few made, they will be worth quite a bit on Pawn Stars someday.

If your name is Angela W,  you are the only recipient of the product from my quilting phase.  Although I have finished many a quilt along side of my buddy Janelle, Angie’s is the only one I did the sewing on.  Her son is one lucky boy.  Short phase as I am not one to enjoy something I am not all that good at.

Then came the much longer and much more expensive scrapbooking phase.  No one makes a baby book that tells the story of being a preemie triplet, so that really kicked off this stage; while high on mag sulfate and turbutaline, I made books for each kiddo.  My shaky handwriting is just a bonus, adding authenticity to the look.  I continued on, scrapping until each kid was about 3 years old and making JP a book as well.  I hosted week long scrap fests in my dining room, studied the art, and was pretty good at it.  Problem is, our life happens WAY faster than I can scrap it, so I decided to hang up my slicers and eyelet punch, and spend more time living life.  Now, I just dump pictures onto my computer.  This way, my future kids-in-law will thank me for not passing down stacks and stacks of huge books they have to store somewhere.

Somewhere in here, I also decided to make jewelry.  Actually, a more accurate account would be that I started buying jewelry making supplies.  Bead shopping is great fun.  But buying jewelry already made is cheaper and quicker, I just don’t like detailed puny work.  One of my best memories with my sisters-in-law is beading in a hotel room.  Missi just couldn’t get enough of it.

These days, to appease my creative needs, I have found a couple new activities.  I like to see how much laundry I can shove in my front loader at once,  look for shapes in the dirty dog-prints on my dining room floor, and attempt to arrange the rocks on our landscaping in a natural yet specific placement.   It is an exciting life I live.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 22:06:47

    What? No more beading? But I loooovvved that!!!


  2. debpieper
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 17:54:03

    Was my bead high in Bass enough bead excitement for you?


  3. Missi
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 08:15:01

    It was excitement all right… but I don’t think anything can beat the bead high!


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