The ins and outs of raising triplets thus far #1

Top 5 Questions we have actually been asked about our triplet pregnancy:

  1. Did you plan it? Yep, there is website you can go to and order up triplets.  Among other things you can pick are genders, temperament,  tattoos, shoe size, and future political bent. 
  2. Are they natural?  Nope – part Alien, part plastic.
  3. When did we find out?  Didn’t have an idea until the day we delivered – they just kept coming out and we couldn’t stop them.  But then, duh,  we remembered that order we had put into the website – musta been on back order.
  4. Were you surprised?  For sure we figured they would be puppies, since humans aren’t born in litters, so yeah, SHOCKED! 
  5. Were they born early?  No, actually, it was evening.  I was hoping for earlier in the day, but we had errands to run and just couldn’t get to the hospital any earlier. 

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