My awesome collection of “sisters”

I grew up with four brothers and I love each of them intensely.  Our mom died when we were all young and I think because of that, we share a very deep bond.  I have a brother who is the stable, mature, deep level-thinking man who I can count on for prayer and support through everything.  I have the sports-driven creative brother who is always good for a chuckle and encouragement.  He used to drive me 15 miles for ice cream.  Take note, brothers out there, it doesn’t take much, and this is something I will never forget.  I also have a brother who is a total crack up.  He is the life of our family parties, never a dull moment when he is around.  He is good for my soul.  And then I have one little brother who was the only brother left at home while I was in high school.  He knows me best.  Sharing those years together created a special bond between us.  Yep, I was the “princess” of the family.  (Those of you who know our family will know that I really wasn’t princess material.  I played football, whiffle ball, and fished with the boys.)  My brothers are all fiercely protective of me and I am blessed to have each one.

Of course, we are all grown and married now, and this weekend, I get to celebrate life with the annual sisters-in-law shopping trip!  Each brother married a terrific lady!  I now have my 4 sisters-in-law who I LOVE to hang out with.  Between the 5 of us, we have 17 children ranging from 21 to baby.  We might all be in different places in life, but we all have the most important things in common:  The love of the How boys.  I am blessed to have my family.

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