…and the AWESOMEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD award goes to…

It is one of those days when I really want a Dew and some chocolate just because I am a stress eater.  I am really trying to keep it all together as long as I can, knowing the end of my supreme reign as AWESOMEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD will end soon enough.   (Is there a way to make the AWESOMEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD words blink like Vegas style???)  Dude, how long can a girl be perfect at everything???  Really, I wonder.  Sarcasm is a gift. 

BP has really put a crimp in the to-do list progress.  BP is not for Bill Pieper in this to-do list stand still for once.  This time, it is that darn oil spill.  What does an oil spill have to do with staining our laundry room sink cabinet?  Apparently, our color of stain cant be manufactured due to a shortage of chemicals because of the oil spill clean up.  HUH????  Really, I am not an environmentalist, which these days is just like me saying I hate puppies, but really, it is just not a conviction of mine.  I have plenty of convictions like keeping my kitchen floor perfectly shiny or not matching my earrings to my necklace or the need for a laser level to hang bulletin boards at school.  These are the things that really matter to me.  I don’t have time for oil clean up delays, people!!! Bill JUST STARTED ON THIS TO-DO LIST and it took me about 4 years of nagging to get to this point!!

Yes, it has been one of those days when all the little things just kinda tend to overwhelm me.  Due to the nature of my work, I cant share any information – you know, FBI stuff.  Let’s just say that it was this kind of day:  I noticed mid-morning that I was wearing my underwear inside out.  Yep, that bad.  So after my yummy pulled pork dinner (AWESOME, by the way!) I headed out for a little God time.  Yep, I love me my Jesus time.  I cranked some of my favorite tunes on the Zune and walked/ran 3 miles.  My mind is able to wander and I first would like to thank neighbors who use yummy dryer sheets while I am near their homes, and second, I need to reiterate this very basic running wisdom: don’t eat a bean-based dinner and then go out jogging. 

Ok, back to my deep thought of the day.  Like I was starting to say earlier, parts of the day were rough and I just had a little chat with God about needing wisdom and patience and the insight into certain situations that only He can provide. (He probably knew about my underwear right away and tried to warn me but I was too busy getting 5 kids ready for school to listen for His still small voice at the time.)   I am walking, oh I mean running, along and these words from “From the Inside Out” really stuck out to me because I know that His mercies are new every morning, and tomorrow is a new day:

A thousand times I’ve failed

Still your mercy remains

And should I stumble again

Still I’m caught in your grace

If He has that kind of patience with me, the least I can do is extend it to others.  Good thing I am the AWESOMEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD (did you picture it blinking this time?) for just a couple more days so I can stock up on that grace and mercy for when I really need it. 

Anywho (I know that word drives people nuts, that is why I use it) I need a good long hot bath and an early bedtime.  Tomorrow comes whether we are ready or not.  If nothing else, this pic of my little ladies should give you a smile for no other reason than Karalyn is wearing PURPLE in it.  Smile



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