What’s for dinner?

So, because of the big bad scoping of my entire digestive system last year (should have blogged all about the wonderfulness of  a bite-block, colonoscopy prep, and barium swallow) I decided I needed to radically change what I eat and how I prepare it.  I have completed a lot of research on the topic and I am trying to follow the Eat-Clean Diet.  It is an entire 180 from my Dew, M&M’s, and Doritos life I was living a year ago, so it has not been all that easy.  Now that I have made the switch, I can honestly say that I don’t crave the junk TOO badly. 

I am always on the hunt for clean recipes that my whole family will eat, which isn’t easy because I am raising Curly who only eats chocolate, pasta dishes, and milk.  Seriously, a dinner of grilled meat on a bed of brown rice with steamed veggies pretty much to her looks like raw Rocky Mountain oysters with a side of a venus fly trap complete with flies or worse. 

I also just started back to work last week.  I work at the local elementary school and the year just started.  If I can find a recipe that involves a crock pot, I am thrilled; after all, I have to run my own kiddos all over Timbuktu and pick up a spare tomorrow (we provide part time foster care as well – will blog about that some other time.)  Life is nuts, especially on Mondays and Tuesday around here. 

Dinner plans for tomorrow start tonight.  Here are my plans:   Pulled Pork over a bed of brown rice and black beans with steamed broccoli.   Curly can try a little of the meat, and then chances are she will settle on peanut butter on bread.  I don’t cook two dinners.  So happy eating!  Share healthy menu items with us, especially crock pot variety.  All of us moms could use some extra time in our days.


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  1. Kristi
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 18:38:57

    Love your Blog! I have all of the clean eating cookbooks!! What a fun way to keep in touch with your family. Take care. If you want to trade recipes, just let me know. Kristi


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